The Importance of Website Design for Marketing

What is the Importance of Website Design for Marketing?

If you are a commercial website owner (that is to say your website exists to generate income), you will be very aware that the way your site is designed will have a direct impact on how many sales your site generates. This is because a well designed web page can direct users to the destination you want with little friction. Conversely, a poorly designed web page will be confusing and result in the user leaving, not completing the purchase or whatever other action you needed them to complete. So how do you design a good web page?

Designing a Webpage that Converts

Designing a web page that converts is not an exact science and can be incredibly frustrating for those who are not experienced. When you design your page, you need to be aware of a few factors that will effect how you word and place content. Below are a few factors to keep in mind.

  • who is your audience?
  • what action do you want them to complete?
  • what is their intent when they land on your page?

We will discuss each of these factors below and provide examples and resources for each.

Who is your audience?

Knowing your audience is crucial for any type of marketing, and running a commercial site is no different. Is your target demographic old, young, from a certain country? What are their other interests aside from your niche? These are all things to be very aware of so you know how best to connect with your readers. For example, this list of Pokemon gift ideas is catering specifically to people who like Pokemon. Its written content mentions quite a few phrases that only fans of the topic would know, making it feel exclusive and most importantly, relatable.

What do you want them to do?

This is important because many marketers will lose focus of the purpose of their page. Do you want them to submit their email and get on your list, or do you want them to click through a link to a product you are recommending? In many instances, people will put too many calls to action on their page, which results in user confusion and no conversions. Having a central call to action that your entire page works towards is crucial to getting conversions and keeping your message simple and straight to the point.

What is their intent when they land on the page?

Knowing your users intent is almost as important as the other two points combined. For example, if someone searches for a review of the Dxracer F Series gaming chair, it is pretty clear that they are looking for more information to either persuade them or dissuade them from purchasing. However, if you are getting people who are looking for a simple answer to a question (for example “how to write good copy“), they may just leave the site once their question is answered.

It comes down to this

Targeting. Targeting the correct audience, from their intent all the way down to connecting with them on a personal level will increase your conversions tenfold, while simultaneously making your site an authority in your space.

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