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October 21, 2004:  Hiya, Toots.  It's like this.

Last weekend, Nancy dragged us all over downtown Oklahoma City on a buffalo hunt.  It seems the Nature Conservancy sponsored a decorate-a-giant-buffalo-art-event, and we had to go look at the herd.  Some of us got hungry before we'd seem them all, but you can bet we're in for a second look this weekend.

complete list of buffalo photos on this site

Campaign details to follow. 

PS  This isn't some kind of weird Halloween trick.  Honest.


"State your name, your species, and your intentions."  Timothy Zahn,  Star Wars Outbound Flight

"The nose fairy sneaks in at night and pinches your nostrils shut." Scott Adams, Dilbert    

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October 24, 2004:  Nancy did it again!  Yesterday, she dragged Cary and me through the streets of Oklahoma City to find still more bison.  Her excuse was her great and terrible need to take another photo of the Centennial buffalo!

I ask you ... how many more times must I view those buffalo guys when I just know they are interfering with my manifest destiny to represent Oklahoma?

And Martha, don't tell anyone, but Nancy is planning on another hunt.  I'm sure of it.

November 1, 2004:  Oh my stars and whiskers!  Nancy dragged us out to locate still more buffalo.  That's the very last time Cary and I are going along with her personal madness.

She even forced Cary to turn over the buffalo photos he took in Salt Lake City.  She says he's supposed to write an article about the place.  Well, actually that's not a bad idea though the focus is supposed to be ME and Oklahoma's Centennial.  I mean, Oklahoma's Centennial and me.

November 18, 2004:  Nancy and Cary have been jaunting all over the country, which is great for them, but doesn't exactly help my cause.

And then today I sent Nancy out to get a rabbinator** after I heard it mentioned on some commercial.  I figured I could alter the thing a bit and end up with the world's first bearinator.  I'm not sure what it would do, but how could it hurt?

Anyway, she called from the store to say she couldn't find a rabbinator, but would I like a precious little sweater with a moose on it.  Geeze oh man.

Nancy does not generally do precious.  Ick.  What was she thinking?

**The thing turned out to be a sheepinator.  Now who would want one of those?.

December 8, 2004:  It's pitiful the amount of time I get with a computer in this place.  Fortunately, my brain is always working so I've been making great Christmas gifts for the whole extended family.  I can't tell you what they are because you might be on my list, but let's just say it's a good thing I'm so photogenic. 

December 12, 2004:  I made my first unofficial appearance last night at opening of the newly named Oklahoma River.  It was the aptly named Oklahoma River Holiday Parade and Festival.  Of course, no one could see me because we were on the north side of the river due to very poor planning on the part of someone who shall be nameless - she knows who she is.

Parking was beyond terrible.  We ended up in a vacant lot and the DF's saintly mother, the esteemed Jo Ann, had to walk over uneven ground in the dark!  (Fortunately for Nancy, she was not in charge of event parking.)

The lighted boats in the boat parade looked terrific.  However, Santa, in the final boat, was not illuminated at all.  The dude didn't have a light on him.  His boat looked like a tribute to reindeer who pilot themselves.

Ah, well.  There were worse screw ups.  Not only did the announcer tell the audience to "sit" back and relax (on the cold, hard ground??) for the fireworks, but THEY DIDN'T MENTION MY NAME!  

Don't you just love Gilbert &Sullivan's Mikado?       

And now for the good news.  My official unofficial T shirt is available!  Anyone and everyone - even those who aren't on my Christmas list (poor you) - can now get their very own Teddy O Bogus State Mascot shirt.  Please wear several at once to support my campaign to represent Oklahoma's Statehood Centennial. .

January 1, 2005:   Yesterday, we set up the Blog Oklahoma web ring to support other bloggers in our state.

Last night, Nancy made us troop downtown to the Opening Night celebration of New Year's Eve.  Not only was there not a moment of silence in memory of the Christmas Day tsunami victims (last blog entry, bottom of the page, has lots of useful links) - unless we missed it, but the organizers had the cheesiest piped in music ever.  Neither of these things would have happened on my watch, though for some reason I was not asked to be in charge of things.

On the plus side, the fireworks were excellent, and Nancy found two more buffalo to photograph!

If only I could convince her to fanatically support my campaign to become the unofficial mascot of the Oklahoma Statehood Centennial the way she goes after those those buffalo.  We've just got a year to do it!

January 12, 2005:  Nancy does care. 

She switched the domain name pointer from to this page.  Martha wishes me well in all my endeavors, but she lives in Florida and can't be as active in my campaign as she would like.  As soon as the tech stuff kicks in - 48 hours or so - I can really buckle down on this project. 

January 24, 2005:  It's a good thing I read the tabloids while standing in line at the grocery because I just discovered that all the scenes with the Dursleys have been cut from the next Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

This is the kind of thing that will not stand when I am in control of Oklahoma.  All I can say (in a dark and threatening tone) is there had better be Dursleys on the DVD when the director's cut comes out.  I have spoken.

Ask Caryn about Harry Potter


February 2, 2005:  It's Groundhog Day, kalou, kalay, and I am feeling frisky. 

Nancy used to give presents on Groundhog Day, but she stopped doing that because ... well, I don't know why, but I have a gift for my visitors.  It comes from the WinXP zine and is designed to clean your computer screen.  Enjoy.

February 14, 2005:  Happy Valentine's Day to my special someone.  She knows who she is.  Doesn't she?  Doesn't she?

Of course she does.

February 17, 2005:  The e-mails have been buzzing because no one knows who my secret crush is.  To tell, or not to tell.  That is the question.

And in the meantime, Nancy is so caught up in assignments and taxes and upgrading this site (an impossible job - she better win a lottery and hire a staff) that she hasn't been working on my campaign to be the unofficial spokesbear for the Oklahoma Statehood Centennial.  The woman lacks a sense of priority.

February 24, 2005:  We just got a zine from with an article by Ben Silverman.  He says there are some rules for television appearances.  Since I expect to become a media darling, I read very carefully.  My favorite tips:

  • Don't curse - like that could happen on any planet ruled by Jane Marie
  • Be controversial - I prefer to be interesting, compelling and a charm bunny
  • Easy on the PR, heavy on the interest - c'est moi to a T

Thanks, Ben!

March 3, 2005:  It has become clear to me Nancy is not doing her part to promote my campaign to become the Unofficial Mascot of the Oklahoma Statehood Centennial.  I love the woman dearly, but she wears lots of hats that have been pushing on her brain.  She does not realize the true importance of acting now, so clearly it is all up to me.

Step One:  List the reasons I will make a good unofficial mascot.  They are:

  • I am enthusiastic about Oklahoma and life in general.
  • No one else has applied for the job.
  • Uh ...

March 6, 2005:  Our Jill just popped in to announce a new title for me:

Generalissimo Who Maintains Peace in the East Commanding with Battle-Ax All Military Affairs

It seems the dear girl is studying Japanese culture and thought of me when she came across this gem.  And while I live on the plains of glorious Oklahoma, I not only come from Belgium, which is certainly east of here, but I also am in charge (or should be) of Martha Bear's staff in Florida, so Jill was right on target.

March 12, 2005:  Nancy and I were working on the taxes (ugh) when we heard about the new CD, Songs to Make Dogs Happy, on NPR.  We called in the staff to check their reaction to the music, but since this household doesn't run to squeaky toys, we can't be sure about the effectiveness.  However, we did notice ear twitching during the good dog song.  We are considering an investment to improve staff morale. 

PS to Martha Bear®  The dog music folks are coming our with a cat music CD in July.

March 13, 2005:  I noticed Nancy had a book (details on Naples Area page, lower right column) about Frederick the Great, the one they called "Stupor Mundi," the wonder of the world.  It made me think.

Here's a guy who wows his contemporaries enough to earn him a fancy title, and who knows his name today?  You?  Me?  Yeah, right.

But that's why I need to represent Oklahoma.  Not because I was born here (I wasn't) but because the state is a wonder to me.  It's my special place now.  It's my home.

March 29, 2005:  Guess who hasn't finished her taxes yet?  Not to worry.  I've got everything else under control.  That's why a certain sweet bear lady and I got cartoons for our pages.

Heh.  Heh.

April 1, 2005:  I just know I should be running around playing jokes on people (and bears) today, but I have acquired a new serene dignity as befits one who is campaigning for public office.

In that spirit and in my promote Oklahoma capacity, I present these photos of Oklahoma City life.  To quote local news personality Galen Culver, "Is this a great state, or what?"

April 13, 2005:  Caryn, our CDO, and I were watching Napoleon Dynamite, and I got this tremendous idea.  Well, to be perfectly honest, we were watching the film and she mentioned this kid at her school who got the idea.



Caryn and I were not super impressed with Napoleon Dynamite.  We wanted to be, and there are some good bits, but overall, it was disappointing.  TO


It seems there's this candidate for a school election who also watched the movie.  In Napoleon Dynamite, a character named Pedro runs for office.  Figuring to strike a cord with his fellow students, the local kid had campaign buttons made up that said


Pedro is Not Running

Vote For

Kid's Name Here


So I'm thinking I could adapt this and have stuff made that says


Pedro is Not Running

Teddy O™


Oklahoma Mascot


Fierce, huh?


April 21, 2005:  While we're gearing up for my official presentation to the official Oklahoma commission about becoming the unofficial mascot of the Oklahoma Statehood Centennial, I can't help but amuse myself at the expense of the local canines.

April 24, 2005:  I've been trying to be virtuous so I'm helping the ole team out by setting up an Alexis toolbar on the site.  This is supposed to increase the Amazon clicks on the site and earn some coin.

Trouble is, they want a logo.  I took the big ball logo you see in the upper right column and squished it down to the maximum allowable size to get this:


It's kind of fuzzy and not quite right.

Next, I took Miss Martha's picture and reduced it to this:

The dimensions are perfect, but the file - a line drawing for kitty's sake - seems to be too big a file for Alexa's requirements. 

Update:  Alexa says, "The maximum width for your logo image is 160 pixels," but the Martha Bear® logo above is only 70 pixels wide????

Update to the update:  I've taken out the logo.  Cross your fingers.

New update:   Success.  Sort of.  There's no final generated code box.  I can't just paste in the validated code because it looks like code on the page.  I downloaded a toolbar and got nothing.  There is no useful help on Alexa.

Martha, oh Martha, I hope you appreciate this.  I'm pulling out my fur here.

May 2, 2005:  Fluff up my pillows, Martha.  And Nancy, I'll see you in June.

May 17, 2005:  I'm packing.  I'm packing.  But I wanted to give you a spyware update. 

Nancy found the best thing to do was quarantine all the vermin.  When she deleted them, they just kept coming back - that probably means something nasty is hidden in Registry of her computer.  But at least she can get back to work.

I plan to send her postcard from the beach.  I know she will appreciate it.

June 3, 2005:  I'm baaack! 

The Kamp family missed me so much we all ended up in Florida at Martha Bear's place.  We had some sun, some surf, some reunion time and a whole lot of business talk.  We even shot the cover photo for Jane Marie's book about Martha's adventures (available next year).  It was the best time ever.  I love travel, but I'm so glad to be home in Oklahoma.

June 7, 2005:  Nancy and the CDO drove through a swarm of bees in glorious downtown Bethany Oklahoma today.  Since the outside temperature was 93° F, my girls had the windows up, and could admire the little guys as they thumped against the car.

June 14, 2005:  You will be so proud.  I am not saving my pennies in order to be prepared in case Tom Parker Bowles (Prince Charles' stepson) and company at Quintessentially ask me to become an elite member for a mere £20,000.  If I had that much money, I would not use their services to cadge invites to society parties or tables at exclusive restaurants.  No, I would be too busy using the money to build our business.

You see, we are victims of the Google dance, which means redid its search algorithms last month in something called the Bourbon Update, and we are now slightly harder to find in Google.

However, since everyone keeps saying, "Content is king," and we have great content, I'm sure all will be well.  And that means I can use those pennies for Father's Day presents.  Do you think Cary would like a shirt with my picture?

June 18, 2005:  Nancy is officially insane.  Not only did she start a major new project this week (details later) and agree to teach a class she's never taught before, but this afternoon she and Ashlee came home with A NEW PUPPY!  And it's already disgraced itself twice.

Someone just doesn't have all her chairs around the table if you know what I mean.

puppy photo - right column, scroll up
team photos

June 22, 2005:  I am soooo excited.  Nancy just faxed my application to be the Official Unofficial Oklahoma Statehood Centennial Spokesbear / Mascot to the Oklahoma Capitol Complex and Centennial Commemoration Commission.  It doesn't look like they will consider this project before October according to the project deadlines, but I will cross my paws in anticipation.  Is this a great thing, or what?

I wonder if the paper toys folks (see previous entry) would consider making an Oklahoma Capitol Dome toy in honor of the centennial.  If I were official, I could ask ...

July 16, 2005:  Nancy got an official letter acknowledging the receipt of my application to be the Official Unofficial Spokesbear of the Oklahoma Statehood Centennial.  They know I exist.  My ears are quivering with joy.

And a very nice gentleman from the UK is interested in using Cary's photos of the Oklahoma Capitol dome in his book.  Life is full and rich.  Full and rich, my friends.

August 10, 2005:  Nancy's been making me help her with the massive changes the site is going through with regard to ads and affiliates - watch the tops of our pages.  She expects me to have everything done by the end of September, but I'm thinking March.

In the meantime, I'm still hhheeerrreee

August 26, 2005:  I was not invited to last night's OKC Chamber of Commerce event - possibly because I started salivating when the food was mentioned.  But Nancy came home with some information about the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, and I think it's important to look at the facts.

There are hungry people all over the world.  We can't do as much as we'd like about those in other countries, but we can help our neighbors as contributors and volunteers.  Volunteers at the Regional Food Bank do everything from sorting food to reading to kids.  What a great organization.

Martha Bear® Story:

It's a Better Thing to Give


August 31, 2005:  God save the Gulf Coast.  Please help if you can.

On a lighter but in no way disrespectful note, the ezine had a link today to a short article about invisibility cloaks.  If I had one of those, I could live in the kitchen and no one would know AND I could keep an eye on that pesky Wink E Bear whenever he visits dear Martha.

September 12, 2005:  Nancy just doesn't get it.  I am fascinating to all females.  Bear ladies love me, little girls love me, dogs love me, and so does she.

Editor's note:  Teddy just doesn't get it.  Brodie the puppy was not carrying Teddy in her mouth because she adores him.  On the contrary, she was going to find a quiet corner and chew him to pieces!


"I didn't know what they were so I ate them."  Snoopy by Charles Schulz

more quotations


September 18, 2005:  I am totally torn.  I just had an exhausting day at the State Fair of Oklahoma.  Now, do I write it all down here (not going to happen - I'm so tired I'm ready to hibernate), save it all for an article for next August's pre-2006 state fair newsletter (it wouldn't be fresh news, now would it?) or dribble out the odd memory in fits and starts?

Or should I find Nancy's stash of Oklahoma pecans and nibble my way into tummy heaven?  What do you think I'll do?

2005 State Fair of Oklahoma

October 1, 2005:  Our Jill just called from an OU campus theater to ask for details about the suicide bombing on campus this evening.  A second bombing in Bali is the only story in the online headlines as I write this, but they will catch up. 

Rodney King had it right when he said, "Why can't we all just get along?"  That's what I want to know.

October 4, 2005:  For a change of pace, become a member of the Hollywood Stock Exchange.  It's free and you can trade movies and stars. 

I'm still quite a young bear, but my favorite Oklahoma actor is and always will be Will Rogers (see airport statue - right column).  His level of wit and wisdom set the standard for (almost) everything I say.  Read Jane Marie's Martha Bear® stories and you'll see how Will-like I truly am.

October 7, 2005:  We're hard at work on our Oklahoma State Fair page.  Here's a sample photo, some of the good folks who manned the Oklahoma Statehood Centennial Booth:


click on the photo to enlarge it


October 18, 2005:  I always love it when Nancy gets the zine from because they have links to interesting sites like  This guy does the greatest things with a pumpkin and a knife.  And I thought pumpkin was just for pie!

October 25, 2005:  I have a new T shirt design.  While I maintain Cary found me in Belgium, others seem to think I'm from someplace else.  And voilá - hmmmm.

Strange Visitor from Another Planet

hooded sweatshirt

Links to all our T Shirt & Goody Shops


October 30, 2005:  And you think I'm a little gross from time to time?  Ha! 

I just discovered ancient Greek soldiers used to combine bull and goat mucus and drink it!  This "snorteum" - no, I'm not making this up - was supposed to steady their nerves.

I also read a really cool phrase in the same book where I discovered snorteum, The Enemies of Jupiter by Caroline Lawrence.  Here it is:

licet ab imp
(the emperor permits)

As far as I can tell, you might (with apologies to all Latin scholars) translate the "imp" portion to well, ahem, "imp."  So you could say the phrase means "the imp permits," and that must refer to me.  I don't think it would make much of a T shirt, but I could see it as a bumper stick if only I had my own car.

November 9, 2005:  I haven't heard from the Centennial Commission about my state mascot application.  I am so nervous I might need a dose of Panexa.  First, of course, I'll read the fine print.

Note: Panexa warnings contain foul language, but are hysterically funny.

November 18, 2005:  The State Centennial Commission met in October to decide about my mascot application, and I still haven't heard if I've been accepted or not.  If I had fingernails, I would be biting them in anticipation.  But claws are tougher, and so I am.  Pretty much.

November 30, 2005:  Still no word on my mascot application.  I wonder if the committee is trying to tell me something in mime.

There's a new happening thing out on the net - virtual anthropology.  People and bears are putting their lives online and other folks are studying them.  Pretty cool and a little creepy, maybe. 

December 6, 2005:  Nancy couldn't go out to dinner tonight because all her shoes are in her closet - and she's just painted the floor in front of the closet door!

The only reason those shoes are put away where they belong is because the Big Bad Brodie Monster (scroll up, right column) eats shoes.

We brought her a sandwich.

December 11, 2005:  I've had major insomnia and weird dreams since the State Centennial Commission decided to ignore me - hey, guys!  It's me, Teddy O, still waiting ...

Last night, I watched some 4 a. m. infomercials that may have seeped into my brain and warped it.  There were these rock stars from the 1970s who had to lose weight.  They kept falling through a curtain with numbers on their cold dead chests.  It was sooo creepy.

Please commissioners, please give me a call and let me get a good night's sleep.

December 16, 2005:  I love the nicknames rulers end up with from Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev to Charles the Bald of France to Abdul the Damned of Turkey.  But my favorite has got to be Pseudosmerdis the Usurper of Persia.  (Get it?  "pseudo")

Our congrats to young James Alexander Yaroslav.  May he be even smarter than his namesake Yaroslav, have more hair than Charles and learn from his mistakes like the last two guys obviously didn't.

December 21, 2005:  Just stumbled across a story about a colleague in distress. 

It seems the unofficial mascot of a Holiday Inn in Richmond, one teddy bear named Oliver, was beaten by unknown vandals.  While Oliver is back on duty, I can only say the assault troubles me.  If someone could hurt a stuffed bear, they might progress to harming a human, even a child.  And that such evil exists is more than I am prepared to tolerate.

Free Toga!
Baby penguins belong with their moms.

December 22, 2005:  You can draw a pig and discover your personality at

My pig:


December 31, 2005:  We love the New Year's Eve fireworks at downtown Oklahoma City's Opening Night.  As of mid afternoon, no decision was been made about whether or not to even have them this year due to extreme fire danger.   Not good, not good.

And just as a progress check, I surfed on over to the official statehood centennial site to check on the progress of my application to become the Official Unofficial Mascot of the Oklahoma State Centennial.  And get this people, I AM OFF THE GRID!  I am not listed as a project in any way shape or form!  What a way to end a year.

January 14, 2006:  Our Jill is off to Belgium today (scroll down to January 14 entry), the beautiful country where I first met Cary and became a part of my family.  Ah I remember the days ...

But that was then and this is now, so I ask you, Statehood Centennial Commission, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MY APPLICATION TO BE THE UNOFFICIAL OFFICIAL STATEHOOD CENTENNIAL MASCOT?

January 21, 2006:  The Centennial Commission did not meet in October.  I am expecting a letter any day now.  Be still my heart.

January 25, 2006:  It's so cold in Dresden they had to move the penguins to a warmer building.  And Birmingham (UK) is farther north than all of Germany.  Poor Jill, who sleeps under four blankets at home, must be freezing.

January 30, 2006:  It's now the Year of the Dog.  But we knew that.  Young Brodie rules the roost here, eating socks and underwear (and Cary's shoes) faster than we can hide them or even put them away.

Dogs are mostly noble animals, though.  They're faithful and loving and good watch animals.  (You should hear the dog music we sometimes get when all my doggie friends decide to have a joint howl.) 

Please join me now in a mighty cheer for our canine friends and for those whose birth fell in this auspicious year.

February 2, 2006:  I'm glad Enron exec defense lawyer Michael Ramsey isn't on my team.  In his opening statement, Ramsey said, "Failure is not a crime.  Bankruptcy is not a crime.  If it were, we would have to turn Oklahoma back into a penal colony."

Just for the record, Oklahoma was never a penal colony like Georgia (US) or Australia.  Humpf.

February 14, 2006:  Quite a few discerning individuals celebrated Valentine's Day by presenting special people with Secret Pebbles.  I could hardly give a pebble or two to my special someone because she has been known to lend paw to their creation, but ... ah shucks.

Happy Valentine's Day, Martha!

And quickly changing the subject he said, "In The World is Flat, Thomas Friedman said the preparation of 400,000 US tax returns will be outsourced to India this year."  Makes you think.

February 22, 2006:  Poor little Toga (December 21 entry) never showed up, but his parents have a new egg.  Life gives second chances sometimes.  Unless, you're dealing with the Oklahoma Centennial Commission, I guess.

C'mon, guys.  Give a bear a break.

February 28, 2006:  Waiting for the Centennial Commission gets old, but it's such a glorious day, who cares?  Today's weather is why I love Oklahoma.

March 2, 2006:  When I was a cub, sports stadiums and arenas were usually named for coaches or geography.  Now they're sporting the names of businesses that play big bucks for the privilege.

All we've got is me and Martha Bear®Maybe AT&T will pay Nancy some money so I can become AT&T Teddy O just as the baseball stadium in OKC has gone from Bricktown (an area, not a coach) Ballpark to Southwestern Bell Ballpark to Southwestern Bell Bricktown Ballpark to today's AT&T Bricktown Ballpark.  Or not.

On a less commercial note, there's a guy here who has collected and germinated seeds from the Oklahoma City Survivor Tree, the tree that survived the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Building.  He sells and donates seedlings and can be reached at 405-525-8733.

March 22, 2006:  The family got back from visiting Jill in the UK last night.  They brought a new bear friend for me, but don't hold your breath for photos anytime soon.  Watch this space.

May 4, 2006:  I've been boycotting this page, sulking I guess.  I probably won't receive the courtesy of a rejection letter from the Centennial Commission. 


May 7, 2008:  Our own Caryn Kamp won the Oklahoma Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution Essay Contest this year with her topic, Women and the American Revolution.  She also won a trophy and a handy check.  We are so proud.  (photos right column, please scroll up)

June 8, 2008:  We've been having major website software issues for several weeks now. I can't waiting until things are back to normal so we can focus on important stuff.

July 25, 2006:  Today is primary election day and we must go vote. 

Oklahoma has numerous elections throughout the year.  This has got to cost a ton of money. ???????

July 28, 2006: Richard Hatch, the first winner on Survivor, is now in jail right here in Oklahoma.  Tax evasion doesn't pay.  Tsk.

August 8, 2006: Hatch is gone already.  Somewhere.  Blessings on his troubled head.  I always preferred Richard Hatch, the actor associated with both versions of Battlestar Gallactica.

But it's been so hot for so long, all I can really concentrate on is rain. A little moisture from the heavens goes a long way when you're wearing a fur coat all the time.

August 18, 2006: Anyone who doubts Norman Oklahoma is the weather capital of the world needs only to consider our state's 100° F plus summer and our tornadoes.  And at least it's not the worm capital like Wiscasset, Maine.  Yuck.

September 3, 2006: Animals everywhere mourn the loss of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin.  And we here in the family have lost our biggest fan in Leo Harkins of Pennsylvania.  What a week.  

September 18, 2006: It's been a big September in Oklahoma what with the national attention on Project Runway and our own Kayne Gillaspie, fashion designer extraordinaire, as well as the 100th Oklahoma State Fair

Martha Bear®, who maybe Kayne's biggest fan, is in town for the fair because of the food.  She likes to munch anything (everything) greasy while strolling through the livestock barns to visit with her fan base.

And Kayne, cross your fingers that our Martha never enters a beauty pageant, or your design skills will be stretched to the breaking point since she plans on wearing a gown from your store, Southern Charm.

September 20, 2006: Nancy gets all sorts of zines for writers and jewelers. Today's GFE News had a link to an article in JCK Magazine that says rich people don't care about celebrity endorsements.  I am secure enough to handle this news but Martha Bear®, our official spokesbear, will be devastated.

September 23, 2006: Mel Gibson wore a mask and wig to the screenings of Apocalypto held yesterday and Thursday in Goldsby and Lawton.  Invitees said the film was good, but how many fans and reporters could there have been in Goldsby to justify the disguise?

I have a new T shirt - you can see a sample in green in the right column.  Wahoo!  

Get my shirt: Our MASCOT is your mascot's punishment.

October 4, 2006: I totally missed the celebration of Sucker Day in Wetumka.  Back in 1955 (or perhaps 1950) a circus promoter scammed the good people of this small town by selling advance tickets for an event that never happened. 

Nancy, who claims she saw/heard Cold War poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko back in her college days, just found out he's now a professor at the University of Tulsa where our Jill attended math camp while in high school.

I should now comment that this is a small world, but then I would have to pick up the sucker theme again - and who wants to claim that crown except the good people of Wetumka who have christened their town - wait for it - The Sucker Capital of the World???!!!!

October 12, 2006: Woe is me.  Everyone knows the Centennial Commish has rejected me.  Now we find I wasn't even considered for the Capital One 2006 Mascot Challenge. 

I made Nancy send out a press release.  Now I must retreat to a quiet corner to meditate and plot.

October 15, 2006: I was mortified when the world found out the Oklahoma City Council observed a 10 minute silence in honor of the fictitious Tishniek Massacre at the behest of Sacha Baron Cohen, aka Borat.  To quote the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII, who was spurned romantically by his godchild Olga of Kiev on the grounds their religious relationship was an unsurmountable barrier to marriage, "Olga, you have outwitted me."

November 4, 2006: Apparently the filming of Borat caused someone who booked the actor on a legitimate show to lose his or her job.  Making fun of politicians is one thing, but ...

November 5, 2006: I didn't want to like Oklahoma's new state song.  The old one is the most famous state song in the world.  Who doesn't enjoy a rollicking chorus of the theme from Oklahoma except, of course, for the line "Oklahoma OK"?  Though that's better than "purely awful" or even "barely adequate."

Oklahoma Rising reminds me of the Australian song, Australia Fair, that replaced my favorite anthem ever, Waltzing Matilda.  And the Oklahoma Rising video makes me want to get a new camera and visit the fab place where it was filmed.

It's hard to tell how official all this changeover is at this point in time.  Just because the ^%#@ Centennial Commission says or does something, is it engraved in stone?

November 18, 2006: Centennial celebrations have begun across the state.  If they won't let me join them, I will celebrate anyway.  Besides, I wasn't invited to the Tomkat wedding either.  And I've know Tom Kat for ages.  So "Meow" to everyone.

November 21, 2006:  I goofed.  I thought the song, Oklahoma Rising, was the new state song, but it's the Official Centennial Song.  I bet I'm not the only one to make that mistake, but I am very embarrassed.

They're going to sing it at the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on the official float.  No one asked me or Nancy to sing.  Wonder why???  She really wants to.  

December 8, 2006:  Every since Thanksgiving, I've been pondering the Department of Agriculture's decision to eliminate hunger by calling it "very low food security."  When my tummy is empty, I'm hungry.  When kids don't get decent meals, they don't grow up as healthy as they might.  And relabeling something doesn't make it go away.

In the this time of celebration and over abundance, I can only shake my head.

December 18, 2006:  Last night's fireworks and holiday parade on the Oklahoma River were good, bad and indifferent.  Wish I'd been on the committee.

It would have been best to cap the parade with the fireworks AND speed things up a bit.

Announcer Stan and his buddy were largely unintelligible on our side of the river (and they talked during a long train whistle)!???

No one kept the children from throwing the rocks used to control riverbank erosion into the river.

Still, we had a good time.  Celebrations warm my snout.

December 21, 2006:  Self magazine says Oklahoma City is in the top five unhealthiest places for women in the US.  Yikes!  I've got women here.

December 28, 2006:  I was stunned to learn Washington Irving of the The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle fame was in Oklahoma in 1832, visiting central Oklahoma when it was still Indian Territory.  He wrote up his adventures in "A Tour on the Prairies."

December 31, 2007:  Fireworks downtown tonight.  Happy, happy new year to everyone of good will!

January 7, 2007:  Congrats to Broken Arrow for making the list of the Top 25 Safest Cities in the US as chosen by the Morfan Quitno Safest City Awards.

January 27, 2007:  Centennial fever is heating up all over the state.  I'm no longer bitter about the lack of respect for me because Nancy and I found a picture of Napoleon's toes (right column). 

Consider, officials, the late emperor is now reduced to having a portion of a photo of his statue on a bear's web page.

January 29, 2007:  Mrs. Smith's is running a campaign to have each state adopt an Official State Pie.  While these things are always fun, just maybe our state legislators should be concentrating on important stuff.  On the other hand, I dream of coconut cream pie.

February 7, 2007:  This page is getting a lot of hits because I wanted to be the Unofficial Official Statehood Centennial Mascot.  While that dream has died, I am counting my blessings and praying for rain.  Winter seems to be on the way out here, and I look forward to azaleas and red bud trees all over the state.  The red bud is the official tree of Oklahoma - a petty bear would not mention that.  (OK, the dream died hard.)

February 15, 2007:  Every morning, Nancy and I sit down to read the local paper and each time there is a dog sitting on us before we even get our collective bottoms into the chair.  This morning three dogs thought they should join us.  It's bad enough I was wrong about the weather - we got almost 1/2" of snow last night, but to be crushed by canines is unthinkable as well as uncomfortable.

And Nancy has discovered she is scheduled to teach an earring class at Francis Tuttle on the morning of the absolutely fantastic Friends of the Library Book Sale.  Now, I have to go alone and look for bead books, books on China and anything else I fancy.  I wouldn't complain, but even a magazine weighs more than I do, and this will be one heck of a tempting sale.

February 22, 2007:  There is a possibility the recent spate of earthquakes in MidWest City is due to the increase in drilling for oil and gas in the area.  That's still another woe we can lay at the feet of terrorists since so many Oklahoma wells were capped until now, and drilling for new wells had virtually stopped..

The good news is we will have our first daffodil tomorrow.

February 27, 2007:  Shades of the past.  Saturday's dust storm was so bad we couldn't see the other cars on the road.  But yesterday, the historic Skirvin Hotel had its grand reopening.  I can't wait to stay there, but I may settle for a tour of the lobby.

March 5, 2007:  Jill and the CDO can't believe Camp Cimarron will not open this summer.  It is supported by Campfire candy sales, but there isn't enough money available to keep things going.  How sad is that?

March 11, 2007:  Oklahoma Trails is now open at the Oklahoma City Zoo.  We can't wait to check out the native amin al exhibits.  Of course, I wouldn't want to be in a zoo, but the alternative is not so good.

March 25, 2007:  As spring runs rampant, centennial celebrations are popping up everywhere.  I'm having a wonderful time. 

March 29, 2007:  Nancy and I were the only ones home this afternoon when the power went off.  Then we heard the tornado sirens and sat in the closet.  What we didn't know was a tornado had just passed within a mile of us, turning over a semi and injuring two people.  There will be more storms tonight. 

Prayers are in order for those in jeopardy and pain.  We are grateful we only had a little inconvenience.

Update: What I didn't know when I wrote the last two paragraphs was the tornado passed directly over the day care where our Caryn works.  It did not touch down there.

April 6, 2007:  Bears don't like hunting, so they don't appreciate weapons, but once upon a time, the gang went to Claremore's J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum.  I was impressed with the collection before and can't wait to go back.  Now they have a centennial rifle. 

There is also a centennial NASCAR car making some of the big races.  Can an un-mascot be far behind?

April 23, 2007: Lots happens when I don't post everyday; big scary news like war and murder, and silly stuff such as the naming of the watermelon as the state vegetable of Oklahoma!

April 30, 2007:   We're working on a Music and Musicians of Oklahoma page.  Most every place has its own unique sound, but Oklahoma seems to have an authentic voice of the people thing going from Woodie Guthrie to lots of country.  Of course, the Oklahoma City Council recently named a street (well, an alley) for the Flaming Lips, so ...

May 8, 2007:  I'm not really a hero, but when we looked out the back door this morning, I saw a goldfish that had washed out of large urn he'd been using as a fish bowl.  He was swimming in the water flowing through the spaces between paving stones.  I scooped him up in my mighty paw, and put him back with his friends.  Just imagine how much rain we've had and how lucky we feel that's our only weather problem.

May 22, 2007:  The last of the three 007 family graduations takes place tonight.  We are so proud of our girls.

Party on, Oklahoma!

June 9, 2007:  The CDO is off to an art exhibit, but Nancy and I can't get her to go with us to a MuggleFest in Norman next week..  Harry and the Potters will appear, so we are constantly singing their semi-hit song, "Save Ginny Weasley."

June 18, 2007:  Tulsa just opened a time capsule that included a rusty 50 year old car.  The car went into a vault all shiny and new, but time and three feet of water worked their magic. 

The whole thing started a discussion about what we might put in our own time capsule:  jewelry, Jane Marie's books and Secret Pebbles™, photos, art, music, a letter????

Would you do one at all?  Where would you put it?

June 23, 2007:  Route 66, which spends a long time in Oklahoma, has been making a major comeback.  We just discovered its biggest fan in the person of Ron Jones, aka The Tattoo Man.  Jones currently sports 53 tattoos of Route 66 landmarks.

June 30, 2007:  The CDO, a dear friend, and I went off to visit Martha Bear™ on Amelia Island.  Our flight home was cancelled, diverted and otherwise juggle due to rain.  We ended up exploring South Beach, and one of us got a tattoo.  We made it home three days late, but we made it home.

Congrats to OKC for having the best drinking water in North America!

 July 5, 2007:   We all love fireworks, so last night we went down to the Oklahoma River to be part of the Red, White and Boom Experience.  It was the worst, culminating with lousy fireworks shot off in the wee hours.  Never again.

July 8, 2007:  Congrats to Tulsa for having the most volunteers per capita in the US!

August 12, 2007:  Tiger Woods is tearing it up in Tulsa this weekend, newly named "adventure city" by National Geographic. We haven't been there is several years, but it's a nice place to visit - take that Friends.

August 15, 2007:  I can't believe I forgot to mention they found mammoth and mastodon bones right here in central Oklahoma.  They'll end up as part of the Sam Noble Museum collection, but that fine institution still has crates from the 1930s they haven't had time to open, so who knows when we'll see those babies.

September 1, 2007:  The centennial just keeps rolling along.  Today, we went to the governor's mansion for Septemberfest.  We toured the house, ate centennial cake at the Oklahoma-shaped swimming pool, made butter, did not milk a cow and shook hands with Governor Brad Henry.  The pool area was crawling with official centennial mascots, but I did not have my picture taken with them.

punch bowl

replica of the USS Oklahoma punch bowl (original is in the Oklahoma Historical society Museum) in the entry hall of the Oklahoma Governor's Mansion

Ok official china

official china of Oklahoma


Indian nation china

Oklahoma china with seals of Indian Nations


Oklahoma shaped pool

Oklahoma-shaped swimming pool


September 3, 2007:  We drove out to Arcadia to see Pops, the instant landmark just opened on Route 66.  We saw the bottle outside, took a photo (right column) and declined to wait 2 1/2 hours for lunch.

September 29, 2007: Traveling around Oklahoma means visiting lakes - we've got a lot of them, both natural and manmade.   Those with dams are especially interesting to walk around like Oklahoma City's own Lake Overholser.  There will be photos in the right column someday soon.

Today though, we took advantage of Free Museum Day to visit the Oklahoma History Center.  It's very well done and there will be photos in the right column someday soon.

October 13, 2007:  Mom, Nancy and I went on the Heritage Hills Home Tour near downtown OKC.  Except for all the framed art in the bathrooms [steam, people, steam] and the bland kid rooms, we thought the homeowners did a very nice job of restoring, maintaining and improving.   We did not take photos, of course.


October 15, 2007:  We saw about 2/3 of the Centennial Parade yesterday.  Someone in our group decided we should watch the parade from the end of the route, so we missed everything that took place at the reviewing stand.  And unfortunately, there were lags in the marching times of various groups.  When people closer to the beginning of the parade than we were poured into the streets, we decided it was over.  It wasn't.  I don't think blame can be attached to anyone here, but I feel cheated.  Photos are in the works.


November 6, 2007:  I've never been a big fan of the Centennial Commission since they ignored my formal request to be the Unofficial Official Centennial Mascot.  Now it comes out they've slighted Native Americans, specifically with a mock wedding between Mr. Oklahoma Territory and Miss Indian Terri toy, which is scheduled for next week in Guthrie.   It's a reenactment, but that doesn't make it better.


November 19, 2007:  This past weekend was the big one.  Friday was the actual 100th birthday of Oklahoma, capped with a so-so gala celebration most of us watched on TV because we couldn't afford tickets and the event was quickly sold out anyway.

The Dallas-based producer is getting some flack because Garth Brooks didn't sing.  I question why Shirley Jones, only connected with the state through her starring role in the movie Oklahoma, was a performer while so many actual Oklahomans weren't on stage.  And as for Willard Scott ... well, he seems like a nice grampa figure, but they could have run a background video of the state's centenarians (as well as actors, authors and others) instead of his very long and boring (sorry but it was) monolog that included a tribute to Smucker's products!

Saturday's riverside fireworks were nice but marred by the commentary that included the complete cv of the ceo of event sponsor, Devon Energy.  It was too much of a yawn for us, so we left before the boat parade, which starred a new boat belonging to - surprise, surprise - Devon Energy.


December 15, 2007:  A massive, multi-state power outage.  What a way to end the centennial year!  Power is still out for thousands, and we hear over 600,000 Oklahomans were freezing at the height of the mess. 

We lost power on Monday morning and didn't get it back until Thursday night.  We have friends who have small children or are elderly and most terrible, paraplegic, who remain "inconvenienced" (OG&E's term).  I guess everyone will warm up someday soon, but it is strange that had electricity gone out all over the state 100 years ago, people would have thrown another log or lump of coal on the fire and gotten out the oil lamps - no big deal.  But that's progress.

On a positive note, Governor Brad Henry, his family, and other Oklahomans were in Honolulu on December 7 for the dedication of the memorial to the USS Oklahoma, one of the battleships lost in the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.


January 1, 2008:  This is positively the last entry on this page.

It was an interesting year, though we are saddened by the record number of official federal disasters in Oklahoma.  Here's hoping the future is more than OK.  For all of us.  






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